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[Bumper spraying equipment]Spray quality bumper extremely strict requirements, pre-processing, spraying to cure the whole process needs to be strictly controlled to ensure the coating quality bumper. Most bumper multilayer coating of wet-jet wet spraying method. [Anchor]The automotive industry has become a pillar industry of the national economy, the rapid development of automotive coating technology and the requirements of a high decorative, strong corrosion resistance and good weather resistance. Our design research and development centers around the automated coating of automotive comp...
Release time: 2016 - 06 - 04
It is well known in the automotive coating process electrophoretic paint, which is essential to a drying step. Only after drying in order to obtain the best performance of the film, without causing the occurrence of "dry low" or "too dry" and other quality accidents. Otherwise automobile electrophoresis coating is not drying thoroughly, it will seriously affect the performance of the coating, such as coating adhesion, corrosion resistance, chipping resistance, scar shaped corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and resistance to chipping properties. Therefore, for ...
Release time: 2016 - 06 - 04
Use and maintenance of auto parts painting lines, auto parts paint line electrostatic spraying operations, you can reduce waste and over-coated with paint phenomenon, it is possible to reduce the cleaning and paint waste management costs. Compared with the traditional operation, the disk DISK automatic electrostatic painting production process technology to save 30-60% paint. Auto parts paint line quality improvement: due to electrostatic repulsion of the particles so that the paint had good atomization and ultra-fine particles, so be easier to achieve high standards of surface quality when ad...
Release time: 2016 - 06 - 04
Part of the coating lines of the following: pre-treatment equipment, dusting systems, painting equipment, powder recovery equipment, heating and drying curing bake, heat system, electric control system, suspension conveyor and the like. General metal material spray process:The main process steps to get rid of a corrosion-resistant and can be applied spray coating adhesion "phosphate layer" formed on the surface of the workpiece:: 1, pre-treatment: the purpose of degreasing, rust, phosphating, passivated. Not only the surface oil, rust, dust the work before and after treatment, a...
Release time: 2016 - 06 - 04
When painting, the external air filter after primary filter by the fan to the roof, then the top of the filter after filter purification into the second room. Room with full air-style down to 0.2-0.3m / s speed of downward mobility, so after painting the mist particles can not stay in the air, and the air is discharged directly outside the room through the bottom out. working principle:When the paint, the paint was adjusted throttle position, hot air circulation, baking room temperature rapidly rises to a predetermined drying temperature (55 ℃ -60 ℃). After the external fan fresh air filt...
Release time: 2016 - 06 - 04
Automotive painting techniques paint maintenance big learning - automotive paint, paint maintenance Smooth and flat paint always give people the feeling of a new car. At the same time, we can often see some new cars, but due to the paint color, bump or even rust, giving the impression of old, in fact, a lot of cars may still be a year or two of a new car. Clothes make the man, the car is good or bad mental outlook is mostly derived from the quality of paint on paint, you know how much? Up painting knowledge:Hand car, is the most easily damaged painting. Casual collision or a car wash...
Release time: 2016 - 06 - 04
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