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Auto Parts Painting

Date: 2016-06-04
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Part of the coating lines of the following: pre-treatment equipment, dusting systems, painting equipment, powder recovery equipment, heating and drying curing bake, heat system, electric control system, suspension conveyor and the like.

General metal material spray process:

The main process steps to get rid of a corrosion-resistant and can be applied spray coating adhesion "phosphate layer" formed on the surface of the workpiece:: 1, pre-treatment: the purpose of degreasing, rust, phosphating, passivated. Not only the surface oil, rust, dust the work before and after treatment, and original silver gray phosphate coating layer of uniform and rough rust generated on the surface gloss, both rust spray can increase the adhesion layer . Related equipment: pre-treatment worse. Related materials (chemicals) sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, soda ash, acid in addition to oil, phosphate solution, passivation solution.

2, electrostatic spraying: Objective: the upper surface of the powder coating evenly sprayed onto a workpiece, special jobs (including static screen easily harm the position) should be used in high-performance electrostatic spray coating machine to complete. Process steps of: electrostatic spray dryer adsorption principle, on a surface of a workpiece evenly sprinkled with the powder coating; powder falling through the recovery system can be reused after sieving.

Related equipment:

1, the electrostatic spray machine (electrostatic powder coating machine) 1 or more.

2, with a dusting of powder recovery function (single station or duplex).

3. The air compressor and compressed air cleaner (water filter) Related Material: Powder Coating (coating material, commonly known as "plastic powder", high light, light, semi-matt, matt, sand grain, hammer, crack different effects in different colors)

4, drying curing: Objective: The powder coating the surface of the workpiece is heated to a predetermined temperature and maintained the appropriate time, to melt, leveling, curing, so as to achieve surface effects we want. Process: The good spraying workpiece pushed into the oven, heated to a fixed temperature (typically 185 degrees), and holding the corresponding time (15 minutes), remove the cooled furnace that is to obtain the finished product. Heating and control systems (including electric heating, oil, gas, coal, raw material particles of various heating new heating and other raw materials) related equipment: biomass burner (various types of heating equipment), bake.

5, decorative treatment: Purpose: To enable the workpiece through electrostatic spraying reached after the appearance of a certain kind of special effects such as: all kinds of wood, patterns, credit and so on. Process Step: Finish, transfer, and other processes.

Painting production line process:

The pre-treatment member → → → cooling → drying dehydration electrostatic powder (paint) → powder spray (paint drying) curing cooling → → → test pieces under
 Shock absorbers

In order to make the vibration of the frame and the rapid decay of the body, improve vehicle ride and comfort, the automotive suspension systems are generally equipped with shock absorbers, the car is widely used double-acting telescopic shock absorber.


Automobile shock absorber is used in the process of wearing parts, shock absorbers work is good or bad, will directly affect the stability and cars with other parts of life, and therefore should be the shock absorber often in good working condition.


Fault detection:

1, making the car on the road in poor condition after traveling 10km road parking, touch shell shock absorber, if not hot enough, indicating that no internal shock resistance, shock absorber does not work. In this case, can be added to the appropriate lubricant, and then to test if the case of fever, compared with internal shock absorber oil, should add enough oil; otherwise, indicating shock absorber failure.

2. Press firmly on the bumper, then release, if the car has 2 or 3 times jump, then the shock absorber works well.

3, when the car slowly driving and emergency braking, if the car more intense vibration, indicating a problem with the shock absorber.

4. Remove the shock absorber to its upright, and the lower end of the connecting ring in the vise clamp, pull compression damping lever several times, this time there should be a stable resistance, pull up the resistance should be greater than pressed down resistance, such as resistance to unstable or no resistance may be an internal shock absorber valve parts lacking fuel or damage should be repaired or replaced.



In determining the shock absorber problem or failure, you should first check the shock absorber for leaks or signs of old oil spills.

Seal gaskets, gasket rupture damaged oil storage cylinder head nut loose. May be oil seals, sealing washers failure, should be replaced with new seals. If you still can not eliminate the leak, the shock absorber should be pulled out, if there was not a time card or severity, further check the clearance between the piston and cylinder is too large, whether the shock absorber piston rod bending, piston rod whether the cylinder surface and scratch or pull marks.

If the damper does not leak phenomenon, you should check the shock absorber connection pin, connecting rod, connecting hole, and other rubber bushing for damage, loose weld, break or fall off place. If these were normal, should be further decomposed shock absorbers, check with the gap between the piston and cylinder is too large cylinder with or without injury, the valve seal is good, valves and valve seat are tight fitting and Save Dilatation shock absorber spring is too soft or broken, take grinding or for parts to repair approach under the circumstances.

In addition, the shock absorber in actual use will be beep failures, mainly due to the shock absorbers and leaf springs, frame or shaft collide, damage or loss and shock pad dust tube deformation, oil insufficient causes, reasons should be identified, to be repaired.

After the inspection, repair shock absorbers should be specialized test rig performance test, when the frequency of the resistance at 100 ± 1mm, its resistance to stretching and compression stroke stroke should be specified. As liberation CAl091 done stroke the biggest obstacle for the 2156 ~ 2646N, the compression stroke the biggest obstacle for the 392 ~ 588N; Dongfeng car done stroke the biggest obstacle for the 2450 ~ 3038N, the compression stroke the biggest obstacle for the 490 ~ 686N. If there is no experimental conditions, we can also use an empirical approach, which uses an iron bar penetration within the lower end of the damper rings, with both feet slam both ends, both hands, pull back and forth on the rings 2 to 4 times, when pulled up great resistance, do not feel effortless when pressed down, but compared to some recovery and repair before stretching resistance, no air-way sense, it indicates that the damper normal.


car parts:

Auto parts processing (auto spare parts) and each unit is composed of auto parts and services to the whole process of auto parts and processing of products.

With the auto parts processing market competition becomes more intense, deeply rooted concept of environmental protection, as well as escalating technology and applications, international auto parts machining parts industry in recent years, showing the development of the following characteristics:

① auto parts processing systems supporting the modular supply trends in the ascendant

② auto parts procurement process of globalization

③ auto parts processing industrial transfer speed


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Part of the coating lines of the following: pre-treatment equipment, dusting systems, painting equipment, powder recovery equipment, heating and drying curing bake, heat system, electric control system, suspension conveyor and the like. General metal material spray process:The main process steps to get rid of a corrosion-resistant and can be applied spray coating adhesion "phosphate laye...
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