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Automotive painting techniques paint maintenance big learning - automotive paint, paint maintenance

Date: 2016-06-04
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Automotive painting techniques paint maintenance big learning - automotive paint, paint maintenance


Smooth and flat paint always give people the feeling of a new car. At the same time, we can often see some new cars, but due to the paint color, bump or even rust, giving the impression of old, in fact, a lot of cars may still be a year or two of a new car. Clothes make the man, the car is good or bad mental outlook is mostly derived from the quality of paint on paint, you know how much?


Up painting knowledge:

Hand car, is the most easily damaged painting. Casual collision or a car wash are not careful, the paint will be damaged. Usually minor abrasions, scars painted surface whitening. It is the paint surface is scratched, but did not reveal the primer, there is no need touch-up painting. With coarse wax polish wax or play a few scratches will slowly disappear.

Severely scratched a little, if you can see the color of the underlying primer, then please look at the scar site. Generally, bumpers, mirrors and some car wheel eyebrow these parts are plastic will not rust. Actually, it's ugly addition to big problems. Not fill up the paint to see the owner's own request. But if these severe scars appear on other parts of the body, it would need to make paint, otherwise even a small damage, steel will start to rust, to that time, even if it is difficult to fill paint the rust.

Also picked up painting paint factory qualified professional qualifications. No skillful painting work, no dust-free high temperature paint shop, it is impossible to obtain a satisfactory paint effect. Also to remind everyone, do not believe some of the maintenance companies advertised the so-called original paint repair, it is impossible. The reason is simple: the original painting process is to be subjected to a high temperature of 200 ℃ baked. If such a process to be finished up painting car, the car for fear that no member can afford. Therefore, when used in paint up paint is designed for low-temperature baking, paint with the original not the same thing.

Secondly, before the repair paint colors are out of the patch formulation. Reasons already mentioned, according to the length of time, the vehicle paint has begun to fade, it is entirely dependent on tone up painting original car factory, will produce a clear color. To the extent possible, and the current vehicle color matching can only be transferred now. In addition, to the extent possible without chromatic aberration, even if only a little body needs touch-up painting, vehicle maintenance staff will put all the associated re-sprayed. For example, where there is a need to make up the door, then the repair works will often prevent the rub for the sector, the upper half or lower half of the doors fan full spray. Thus, if there is a slight color difference it is also not easy to see out.


Qiao paint maintenance:

Not to say that the effect of up painting necessarily bad, but the most perfect natural condition is one of the original paint, only this situation can really reach rust standard full car without color, as well as the manufacturers claimed. In order to allow long-term to maintain the original paint shiny visual effects, and ultimately, the owner careful maintenance care.

While washing compare costs of water, but to save, complete with a bucket of water to wash the car, not only cleaning effect can not be satisfactory, the paint will cause serious harm --- paint dust on the lack of flushing car body repeated friction, it is almost with sandpaper with a "polished" paint is no different. If the next rain or thick ash, also do not use wax trailers or a dusting cloth. Washing it altogether.

In the process of washing, rinse with plenty of water body is no doubt essential, but many times, the car wash workers without professional training in order to obtain greater flushing force, like to use water cannons fired vertical body, in this case high pressure water it is likely to cause damage to the paint.

Given the current low inventory policy trendy manufacturers, new car may hand out a few days from the production line. The baking is characterized, generally after the completion of a period of time really strong, hard. So, do not rush the new car waxing, three months later say. Three months later also try not to use hard wax.

Also, the outer layer of paint in most new cars are sprayed with a layer of varnish, paint beautiful natural light, but also to protect the paint. The market is particularly exciting to promote its closure glaze, but is polished varnish layer coating as a cost, they might be able to give your car to bring short-term light, but worth it?


Full spray most shocking:

Unless parked in the garage and never go out of the collection of cars, as long as the road car after years of use, appears to be the inevitable wear and tear of aging paint. Because it is the quality of the vehicle paint drops, so by local touch-up painting or maintenance can not solve the problem. Bright as a new car when you want to get back the feeling of it? The only way is probably painting the whole car.

Car painting technology is more a test of patience to test live, a little lazy or any negligence will directly affect the vehicle's paint effect.

First of all the details by the inspection body sheet metal, as the case may be amended debugging; electrician check the debug entire vehicle lights, and then remove all; in addition the exterior sheet metal but also to all the decorative strips, door handles, glass, removal of all signs, and be ready by the protective measures to avoid flying car paint contamination. In order to achieve the best painting effect on the body sheet metal to repair a flat surface and remove old paint thoroughly.

Putty paint the whole car is an essential step on the putty, sanding, and then on the putty, sanding again, so repeated several times, until the body is completely flat so far. After putty on the car can enter the paint spray paint room, even after completion of baking spray varnish is varnish, as a large part has been removed in advance, such as hood, bumper, also carried out simultaneously with a similar job. Such as plastic parts like bumpers before the plastic paint to spray primer, paint and also add softener to ensure the paint adhesion and strength. After the completion of all the spraying is carried out large-scale assembly and commissioning, but also on the surface of the body painter for final polishing process. It passed the test after the vehicle paint renovation work party ended. At this time, the car just as "married" on the first day as bright as new, the owner of the mood How can it be "emotional" can describe.


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