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Automotive coating production line design

Date: 2016-06-04
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Automotive coating production line coating process can generally be divided into two parts: First, the metal surface before coating process, also known as pre-treatment technology; the second is the construction process of painting. Surface treatment including the workpiece surface to remove grease, dust, rust and old paint layer is cleared when the repair work so as to improve the surface condition of the workpiece. According to various circumstances including on the surface of the workpiece machining and chemical processing, such as phosphate, oxidation and passivation treatment.


Excellent skills is a professional painting equipment, electrophoresis equipment design, spraying equipment manufacturers, our production equipment is widely used in various industries, such as furniture, cars, electronics and other industries, the technology has always been good with first-class coating equipment products to return the old and new customers long-term support.


Surface treatment is an important step rust coating. Construction machinery rust coating quality is good or bad depends largely on the way the surface treatment. According to the British Imperial Chemical Company, coating life terms by 3 factors: surface treatment, 60%; coating application, 25%; the quality of the paint itself, accounting for 15%. Construction machinery industry, surface treatment of different parts. Mechanical cleaning can effectively remove rust, welding slag, scale workpiece, eliminate welding stress, increase the binding force of anti-rust coating and the metal substrate, thus greatly improving the quality of construction machinery parts rust. Mechanical cleaning standards required to achieve Sa2. 5 grade. To reach the surface roughness of 1/3-rust coating thickness. Spray, steel shot blasting used to achieve GB6484 requirements. Surface treated sheet metal stampings, said general chemical surface treatment.


Automotive coating production line design process:

Process: Pre-degreasing degreasing → → → hot water washing → pickling → cold → cold water and cold water → → surface conditioning → phosphating → cold water washing → hot water washing → pure water washing → drying

The above process may be appropriately adjusted according to oil, rust circumstances sheet metal parts, or without pickling process, with or without pre-degreasing step. The degreasing and phosphate chemical treatment process is a key step, the two procedures directly affect the quality of the workpiece quality chemical treatment and rust coating. Relevant process parameters and related auxiliary equipment also affect the quality of the surface treatment can not be ignored. As the project a wide range of machinery, specifications, machine weight, large parts, the general way of spray painting.


Spraying tool air spray gun, airless spray gun, air-assisted spray gun and portable electrostatic spray gun. Low air spray gun efficiency (about 30%), high pressure airless spray gun paint waste, both common features are more serious environmental pollution, it has been replaced by hand-held air-assisted spray gun and electrostatic spray guns and being. As the world's first mechanical engineering company --- Caterpillar on the use of air-assisted spray gun, engine covers and other sheet metal cover portable electrostatic spray gun is used. Construction machinery coating equipment generally uses a more advanced water rotary spray booth. Small parts may be used with or without a pump spray booth curtain spray booth, the former has advanced performance, which is affordable, convenient and practical. Due to heavy construction machinery and parts machine, heat capacity, so its rust coating drying, generally use a uniform baking hot air convection drying method. Heat source can be adapted to local conditions, use of steam, electricity, light diesel oil, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas.


Above have good skills in painting Equipment Co., Ltd., is a virtue of sharing, sharing is a harvest.


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