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Automotive wheel automatic spraying line

Date of listing: 2016-07-22
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Automotive wheel coating line Description:

Pre-treatment equipment using full spray cleaning method, composed of 9-13 processes (depending on the situation can be selected). All the process tank wall, chamber wall, circulating pipes are made of stainless steel. According to different working conditions, the inner wall of the process tank is made of 316L stainless steel or 304 stainless steel. In order to prevent the string of liquid between the slot or spray interval of the workpiece drainage time of 0.5 to 1 minute (interval length 2m ~ 4m). Washing should be used counter-current cleaning method. At the outlet of the pretreatment equipment, there shall be a drainage section and an automatic blowing device.

Moisture drying room water drying room with large amount of hot air convection heating, import and export gas seal device installed to achieve the purpose of saving energy. The use of ternary direct-fired gas stove, fan, hot stove and high temperature filter combination as a whole, the overall assembly area of small pollution to reduce the link. Electrostatic Precipitator Spray the ionized air to the workpiece with an electrostatic precipitator before spraying to remove dust that is attracted to the workpiece due to static electricity. Static fan inlet filter dust removal device, to be cleaned regularly. The electrostatic precipitator is provided with exhaust system, and the suction outlet is provided with a filtering device. Dusting room and spray room spray room cleanliness of 10,000 air quality, illumination range 800lx-1000lx; spray room into the exhaust volume can be adjusted to ensure that the room is a positive pressure spray and energy saving requirements. Dusting room illumination of not less than 300Lx. The temperature control is: 20 + 2 ℃ in winter, 26 + 2 ℃ in summer and 60 ℃ in the leveling chamber. The amount of dust in the air supplied to the powder chamber is less than 1.5 mg / m3, and the size of the dust particles is 3 m or less. Paint drying furnace and powder curing furnace Paint drying oven and powder curing oven with bridge drying structure, with the prevention of hot air spill and insulation effect, in order to achieve the purpose of saving energy. Room wall panels should be equipped with good insulation measures, can not produce thermal bridge. Application of mechanized transport system Transportation equipment is usually used in suspension conveyor system and ground transportation system. Pre-treatment line with ordinary type of hanging conveyor. Transmission speed adjustment using frequency conversion, stepless speed regulation and manual operation with emergency stop button. Pre-treatment with oil pan across the board. Dusting room and spray booths and drying equipment using ground transportation system. Ground conveyor should be anti-mist and high temperature, the same transfer rate adjustment using frequency conversion method, should be stepless speed regulation, in the upper and lower parts and workers operating with emergency stop button. In the powder room and spray room with rotating device (positive, reverse function), to ensure the workpiece to achieve positive and negative spraying. Drying furnace track with telescopic function, can absorb the temperature caused by changes. Such as the use of wheels running parallel to the drying room, should be automatically reproduced by the robot to ensure safe and reliable reprint. 3.3 determine the process plan Aluminum wheel coating line construction should be able to meet the needs of flexible mass production, a single coating line is usually the economic output of conveyor speed of 7m / min is appropriate.

Robot spraying is the coating trend of automobile wheel coating line, should be sprayed by robot. So that coating production to save energy, paint, improve the quality of products and a spray pass rate to achieve the purpose of recovering investment as soon as possible. Must develop a new coating energy-saving equipment. Research and development of energy-saving spray-painted robot room, the application of air circulation to reduce the amount of air into the air, so that the solvent spray room to maintain the explosive concentration in the lower limit of the following can be. In the winter production spray booth can save a lot of heating energy consumption.


3, manual / automatic spraying system (including spray room and spray gun systems, etc.); 4, anti-spray coating system; (4) anti-spray coating system; Dust, isolation, supply and exhaust system; 5, forced hot air circulation baking system. 6, waste gas, waste water treatment system (optional) 7, the central electrical control system

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