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Automotive interior parts spraying line

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Automotive interior parts spraying line

First of all, we confirm the following work:

1. The quality of the workpiece substrate itself.

2. Coating line performance and stability.

3. Identify the performance and stability of the transport system.

4. Stability of lacquer transfer system.

5. Stability of paint performance.

6. Using the test plate to do shrinkage test method to confirm the quality of compressed air to meet the requirements of the robot spray.

7. Supply and exhaust systems, automatic robot spraying and transfer paint systems, and other systems linked to the fire to ensure the normal operation.

Process debugging work is mainly to send / exhaust system, drying system, machine system debugging, sledging and tooling adjustment and robot program adjustment.


Send / exhaust system commissioning:

The painting system equipment, the overall air volume balance and the process chamber body wind speed, wind direction to adjust and test.

1. The process of indoor wind speed adjustment:

(1) the key process chamber (spray booth) wind speed adjustment.

① spray the indoor wind speed should be stable down, the spray paint mist quickly to the venturi room, to avoid mist spray to the surface of the equipment and the workpiece, resulting in equipment and parts pollution and product quality defects. The wind speed in the painting room should not be less than the diffusion velocity of solvent vapor (0.2m / s), and should be directional, uniform and no dead angle. By adjusting the function section of the static pressure chamber inlet air valve, exhaust air valve, the paint room of the function of the wind direction, the wind speed to meet the spraying requirements. The robot is placed in the outer position of the spray room, and the mist is not attached to the wall of the room and the base of the robot. The local obscuration measures are taken to make up.

② In order to prevent the entry of external dust, to maintain the cleanliness of the indoor spray paint, indoor air pressure will be sprayed into micro-positive pressure.

③ by the height of the plant limit, the volume of the static pressure chamber is too small, is not conducive to all the air into the static pressure state, in the dynamic and static pressure chamber plate installed on the porous adjustment plate, the distribution of different air flow to the various process areas, In order to achieve the required wind speed. Specific porous regulating plate size, the number of air flow requirements by the process area, after the calculation of the layout.

(2) the process chamber body wind speed adjustment value and detection. The wind speed of the process chamber of each station is shown in the table, and the field data is adjusted with the measured data of anemometer to ensure the parameter range.

2. Paint system equipment, the overall balance of air volume adjustment:

In accordance with the design requirements of positive or negative pressure, the 1m-long tape will be suspended in the interval profile doors, check the direction of the tape to the flutter, and then send / exhaust system air valve repeatedly adjust the opening , Observe the spray atomization effect. Spraying system adjusted the ideal air volume balance effect shown in Figure 1.


Drying system debugging:

The commissioning of the drying system includes the adjustment of the circulating air system in the drying room, the setting, testing and adjustment of the temperature control.

1. Drying ventilation system to adjust:

Adjust the amount of air within the function of the furnace to ensure uniform heat, heating, insulation for the micro-positive pressure to avoid dust into the furnace; adjust the exhaust fan so that the curtain section of micro-negative pressure to avoid furnace exhaust and heat leakage Workshop on the environment and the formation of pollution products.

2. Furnace temperature setting, detection adjustment

The role of the drying room is through the burner will be heated with air after the fan into the drying chamber cavity, so that heat transfer to the workpiece to the film drying curing. The actual production process is to detect the dry room through the cycle of hot air temperature to control the drying temperature, so the first section of the heating section, the temperature control section to set temperature, and then use the furnace temperature detection of the actual surface of the workpiece Temperature and with the drying curve of the coating were compared. Furnace temperature testing is carried out under no-load and full load conditions, and the test results and coating manufacturers to provide curing window contrast, the error of the parts to adjust, when fully meet the requirements after the conversion to temperature control instruments Of the control value and set.


Machine transport system debugging:

Machine system debugging including pitch, beat and chain speed and other aspects of adjustment.

1. Pitch adjustment:

Spray area pitch is designed to 3m, drying pitch of 2.5 m. Under the normal operating condition of the machine system, the distance of the skid on the spray and drying process chain is detected, and its position is adjusted by the starting pitch switch of the process chain to ensure the pitch meets the design requirements.

2. Beat, chain speed adjustment:

Adjust the pitch, the first by the design process chain speed, through the sprocket diameter, gear ratio calculation of the motor speed and inverter settings, and then use the stopwatch on the primer, the top paint spray line and drying Line, and so on all the rhythm detection, take a point in the machine track to do a good mark, to detect a pitch by the time, revise the inverter frequency set value to beat, chain speed to meet the production cycle 2.5min / hang.

Observe whether the process chain crawling and jitter, and if so, adjust the size of the tension or adjust the smoothness of the track to solve.

3. Leveling time adjustment:

(1) In order to make the paint line meet the paint leveling time (5 ~ 10min) requirements, in the machine system to do the following settings: in the paint spray booth on the first over-rolling bed set delay 150s, The delay time of 120s on the lift, the delay on the over-rolling bed before the oven 300s, the total time of 9.5min.

(2) In order to make the paint line meet the paint leveling time (10 ~ 15min) requirements, in the machine system to do the following settings: the first paint spray booth on the first over-roll bed set delay 150s, Lifting machine set delay 120s, the oven before the process of double-chain set 3 station delay set to 600s, total time total of 14.5 min.


Adjustment of skis and tooling:

As we used to install the workpiece linked to a hanging four, about two, at the upper and lower positions, the second tooling to produce the accuracy required to meet the requirements of automatic robot coating, that skid and tooling size deviation requirements less than plus or minus 10 mm.

In the design of the requirements of the governing body and the skid body connection mode should be used to quickly replace the structure. Early design tooling manufacturers to produce the second tooling structure and switching methods can not meet the requirements of field use. After several rectifications, adjust the fixture switching mode for the rapid replacement of the structure, and were on the skid body and the second tooling to check the use of special production to verify the accuracy of the robot to ensure that the skid and tooling size deviation of plus or minus 10mm Of the spraying accuracy requirements, the specific approach is as follows:

1. The accuracy of the skid body manufacturing, skid body and the second part of the uniformity of the installation of parts to check and verify, in particular, the location of the second part of the installation of precision tooling and installation accuracy is directly related to all skids Of the secondary tooling installation location for testing one by one.

2. Verify the sledge body after passing, in its second-mounted tooling and then use the overall fixture for verification.

3. After the inspection of the whole gage, the robot will show the points of the secondary tooling on the production line. If there is any deviation, re-adjust the secondary tooling and repeat the gage calibration procedure and the robot calibration. Point, etc., until the robots meet the requirements of automatic spraying accuracy.


Robot Program Adjustment:

The robot program adjustment includes the robot to the production product (bumper) contour, the test spray and the surface quality promotion and so on stage.

1. Robot profile program settings:

According to the sample of products provided by the robot flame, spray ** and spin cups and other spraying action editing track program and set the process parameters. Such as, TK model actual editing trajectory, as shown in Figure 2.

2. Test spray:

(1) Confirmation before trial spray: Check and confirm the flow rate of the coating before installing the nebulizer. Confirm the cleaning state of the atomizer used for robot spraying.

(2) test the film thickness: the first bumper in the corresponding position iron paste, with the robot copying program for spraying, drying film thickness after film thickness testing to confirm whether it meets the technological requirements. If the deviation, can adjust the robot's robot spray profile trajectory and related parameter settings (such as flow, paint transfer rate, solid content, discharge volume, walking speed and spray width), modified to meet the coating film Process film thickness requirements.

(3) the workpiece test spray: film thickness to meet the technical requirements, the actual production of the product can be used in accordance with the normal production state of spraying. Due to the paste iron plate coating, its conductivity than the bumper body plastic effect, painting rate is high, so the test data only as a reference, need to observe the film appearance.

3. Surface quality improvement:

In the debugging process is the most difficult to deal with corner hangs and fertilizer edge and the edge of the orange peel and other defects. In order to eliminate these defects we have adopted two methods:

(1) stickers tape anti-sagging method. The tape can be covered or not exposed parts of the stickers tape, the vertical flow of paint will lead to the bottom of paper tape to reduce or even eliminate sagging, drying paper tape after unloading.

(2) to adjust the location of conductive clip installation, eliminating corner sag. In the automatic spraying machine spraying, due to electrostatic adsorption edge effect, paint particles in the edge of the workpiece will absorb more, resulting in the edge of the film edge of the workpiece side, will have serious sagging. In order to solve this problem, we changed the location of the conductive clip to solve the problem of corner electrical conductivity, and through the selection and optimization of equipment operating parameters, that is, to adjust the high-voltage static value, speed, forming air pressure, paint viscosity and resistance , Repeated adjustments in the production site until the best range, so that orange peel to a minimum, or even eliminate.



1. As the overall responsibility of the production line debugging, must have a more comprehensive painting knowledge, as well as a wealth of practical experience at the scene; develop a detailed commissioning work plan for the daily debugging content, the required resources, the departments and personnel involved and the use of Of the equipment should be specified in detail and sent to the relevant units in advance, the debugging process also need equipment manufacturers, paint suppliers and the company's public facilities on-site tracking coordination, the only way to faster and more smoothly to complete the debugging work.

2. Control the production system and tooling precision, the movement of the error control within plus or minus 10mm, to ensure that the second tooling and sled body in the conveyor chain movement of the consistency and stability, and then meet the automatic spraying robot system The workpiece placement of the high-precision requirements.

3. A hanging four can effectively use the space height, shorten the length of the production line, but the manual operation process to be set up high and low work stations, and in the production of treadmill when the need to consider the edge of the bar body approach to facilitate the operation of the simple shape of the bumper does not Problem, but on the larger, more complex shape of the bumper, as there are staff operating the corner will appear difficult to deal with the phenomenon. This line is more suitable for fully automated production line.


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