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Bumper spray booth

Date of listing: 2016-07-13
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Specializing in manufacturing automobile bumper paint line, conveying equipment, drying equipment and clean spraying workshop, car bumper painting room, car bumper injection line, car rearview mirror painting line, car bumper spraying equipment, car bumper automatic Painting line. Our professional planning \ design \ manufacturing car bumper spraying equipment, auto bumpers automatic painting line, auto parts shell spraying equipment, car decoration parts spraying equipment. The role of the spray booth is to spray paint produced during the spray mist control in a certain space area and the appropriate filter adsorption treatment to provide a good painting environment to ensure that the product surface film quality. The structure of spray booth and the way of paint mist are generally designed and manufactured according to the structure of the object to be coated, the requirements of the surface paint film, environmental protection requirements and the production conditions of users.

 Spray paint chamber according to the mist mist treatment methods are generally divided into dry spray booth and wet spray booth. Dry spray booths are generally suitable for small batches. Multi-species, the larger size of the product spray; wet spray booths are generally applicable to large quantities, similar product structure, easy-line product spraying. Wet room spray paint, water spin, scroll, venturi and other structural forms. Car bumper spray booth for the car front and rear bumpers, ceiling surface coating design, but also for other medium-sized non-metallic coating. Car bumper spray paint room new air purification air supply in winter to send hot air, heat transfer oil heat transfer, external hot air circulation heat transfer oil drying room. The maximum design temperature of 800c, the temperature adjustable, the entire line of automatic transmission lines, under the curtain at the end of ventilation, curtain water and gas separation; water residue separation pool; circulating water, water / slag double-channel filter, winter warming 15o ~ 23 ℃ (Temperature rise 20 ℃), spray the indoor temperature is not less than 15 ℃, the energy for the heat transfer oil. The advantages of the electric control system are simple, it can reduce the investment of the electrical system, the system maintenance is relatively easy; but its drawback is the production flexibility is poorer than the automobile bumper spray paint room uses a traction chain transmission form, its merit is simple. If the use of a number of different speed traction chain to form a combination, you need to invest in electrical control larger, the system maintenance workload, but the production flexibility, if the combination of form, we must pay attention to avoid the lines between In the transfer transition at the respective traction pusher mutual interference occurs, then you can use the partition to separate. As the weight of the bumper is usually about 5KG lighter, so the traction chain is usually used X-348 forging removable chain, pitch t = 76.6mm, the chain allowable pulling force of 9KN; hanging workpiece according to the workpiece placed The maximum size, according to the requirements of the car through the length of product designed to 1600 ~ 1900mm. Also take into account the turnout and turn through the two cars can be formed into a trolley. Trolley structure: a car before and after the car with the plot before the lifting device, after the car with a plot put shovel; between the two cars to connect a beam, the beam connecting the central support frame, support frame can be placed in the process support; Of the front and rear of the installation of a pair of symmetrical balance wheel, the workpiece can be guaranteed in the paint through the district have a good stability. Automotive bumper painting line, car shell spraying line, car front cover spraying line, auto sign automatic spraying line, car bumper spraying equipment, car key spraying equipment, lamp spraying equipment, hanging conveying spraying equipment (hanging empty line), bicycle Spray drying equipment, UV curing machine, water POON cabinet, oven and clean dust-free workshop, belt conveyor line, plug-in line, and so on.

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