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Auto fuel tank cap coating line --- Auto fuel tank cap coating production line in the technical good automatic sprayingAutomotive fuel tank cap coating line description:Auto fuel tank cap coating production line consists of manual upper and lower workpiece area, workpiece conveying line, dust removal system, preheating system, painting room, automatic robot, paint system, clean fresh air supply system, exhaust system, drying furnace, heating system, Cooling system.Automotive fuel tank cap coating line parameters: 1. The use of rail-type cross-conveyor chain conveyor line;2. Manual dust removal cabinet after the dust on the workpiece;3 stainless steel drencher cabinet, with 10HP centrifugal exhaust fan; selection of ABB spraying robot, spraying robot spraying range of 1.2mAutomotive fu...
Product Name: Auto in the network automatic spraying lineAuto in the network automatic spraying line process:Artificial upper part - Manual dust removal - Surface dehumidification Preheating treatment - Automatic electrostatic dust removal - Automatic spraying - Drying oven drying - Air cooling -Auto in the network automatic spraying line composition:Automatic dust removal, automatic spraying system, dust-free spraying room, paint mist elimination system, constant temperature and humidity air supply system, high-efficiency pressure equalization box, the product surface remain flat , Drying tunnel furnace, natural air cooling system, PLC central control system, waste water treatment system.Auto in the network automatic spraying line details:Automotive network robot automatic spraying line w...
Automotive wheel coating line Description:Pre-treatment equipment using full spray cleaning method, composed of 9-13 processes (depending on the situation can be selected). All the process tank wall, chamber wall, circulating pipes are made of stainless steel. According to different working conditions, the inner wall of the process tank is made of 316L stainless steel or 304 stainless steel. In order to prevent the string of liquid between the slot or spray interval of the workpiece drainage time of 0.5 to 1 minute (interval length 2m ~ 4m). Washing should be used counter-current cleaning method. At the outlet of the pretreatment equipment, there shall be a drainage section and an automatic blowing device.Moisture drying room water drying room with large amount of hot air convection heatin...
Specializing in manufacturing automobile bumper paint line, conveying equipment, drying equipment and clean spraying workshop, car bumper painting room, car bumper injection line, car rearview mirror painting line, car bumper spraying equipment, car bumper automatic Painting line. Our professional planning \ design \ manufacturing car bumper spraying equipment, auto bumpers automatic painting line, auto parts shell spraying equipment, car decoration parts spraying equipment. The role of the spray booth is to spray paint produced during the spray mist control in a certain space area and the appropriate filter adsorption treatment to provide a good painting environment to ensure that the product surface film quality. The structure of spray booth and the way of paint mist are generally design...
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